Asian Film Culture Award is bestowed upon Film makers of repute from Asia as will as India. It was installed from the first Festival in 2002.

2002 – Mr. Lester James Peries, He revoulunised Sri Lankan Cinema like Satyajit Ray in India. Ray and Peries were great friends and admired each other.

2003 – Shri. Mrinal Sen. He made his first film in Bengali in 1956 and followed the path of different kind of film making. His biggest contribution to cinema is that he introduced artistic cinema in Hindi main stream cinema directing Bhuvan Shome. His path of artistic cinema was followed by other directors in Hindi and other Indian Languages.

2004 – Mr. Kaneto Shindo the script writer and director of japenese films. His film ‘Children of Hiroshima’ (1952) got the international attention. His daughter came to receive the award.

2005 – Shri. Adoor Gopalkrishnan based in Trivandrum brought realistic cinema in Malayalam the state language of Kerala (India). Adoor also was the prime mover of the films society movement in Kerala. Like Ray, Adoor first started film society movement in 1965 and later on made his first film ‘Swayamvaram’ in 1972. He was the diploma holder in direction from Film Television Institute of India, Pune.

2006 – Mr. Majid Majidi from Iran whose film ‘Children of Heaven’ was seen in India widely. The film won 100 international awards at different festivals and it was nominated for foreign film academy award from Iran.

2007 – Shri. Tapan Sinha the contemporary of Satyajit Ray in Bengali cinema. Ray propagated realistic cinema, Tapanda followed romantic cult of Guru Dutt and it was nominated for foreign film academy award from Iran.

2008 – Mr. Park Kwangsu the South Korean director is known for the concept of New Korean Cinema movements. Park born in Pusan, went to Paris and studied cinema in ESEC after returning to Seoul he directed ‘Chilsu & Mansu’ started new Korean cinema. This film won international Awards at Locarno, Singapore and other International film festivals.

2009 – Shri. Amitabh Bachhan was voted the star of Millennium in BBC News poll ahead of such luminaries like Chaplin Brando. He popularized Bollywood cinema worldwide with HIFA awards. The function was held outside India.

2010 – Shri. Shyam Benegal who popularize Hindi Parallel cinema among the audience. His inherent ability to engage his audience emotionally & intellectually.

2011 – Mr. Siddiq Barmark gave new directions to Afghan Cinema with his world wide known film Osama. He got M. A. degree in film direction from soviet film academy (VGIK) he has to face wrath of Taliban and take shelter in Pakistan After democracy was restored he returned to Kabul and made Osama.

2012 – 2014 :- Skipped

2015 – Excellence in film acting Award was bastoward upon Waheeda Rehaman She started career in Hindi film C. I. D. produced by Guru Dutt and became popular actress with Pyassa. Later on she was recognized as great actor in Guide and other films.

2016 – Shri. Govind Nihalani was cinematographer and director. He photographed many early films of Shyam Benegal and leter on directed Hindi films. He won international award at the New Delhi for his first film, ‘Akrosh’ he saw the box office success with Ardhasatya. He co-directed first maarathi parallel cinema ‘Shantata Court Chalu Ahe’ with satyadev Dubey.

2017 – Skipped.